You’ve dreamed about it for so long that you can taste it.  That hot burning desire deep inside of you to shape and sculpt your body into the work of art that you have designed in your mind.  No one is going to do it for you.  You’ve got to get to work and get your hands dirty if you want to have what you really want to have.  There will always be excuses, sacrifices, obstacles and mind games.  That’s the tough part of going after your goal.  You’ll want to see results overnight but it’s not going to happen that way.  You’ve got to put in the work and when you do, the success will be so sweet you’ll think you’re having your cake and eating it too.  Every day you’ll make a little more progress and every day you’ll be one day closer to goal.  Get your mind set on what you want, visualize the end result and don’t give up until you get what you want. Giving up is easy but the regret of throwing in the towel is relentlessly brutal.  Don’t give up.  Keep going.  Have faith, you’ve got this.