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“You can workout until you are blue and falling on your face from exhaustion but unless you are willing to calibrate your calories and nourish your body with clean burning fuel, you’re just spinning your wheels.”   ~ Cathy Serif

Accelerate your progress, improve your relationship with food, eat for optimal health and performance and seriously nail your physique goals with one of my goal crushing custom meal plan options.

A word of caution however, you won’t find bacon, pork, fast-food, fried food, or junk food in any of my meal plan designs.  If you’re looking for that kind of stuff, you’re looking in the wrong place! All meal plans are customized and constructed with wholesome, nutritious and delicious foods and are designed with your specific goal in mind.  

Each meal plan is designed to be followed for 4-weeks.  When you combine exercise with your meal plan you’ll be 400% more effective at losing weight.  You can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week.  After 4-weeks, we would encourage you to contact us for a new plan because your nutrient needs are based on your body weight and after 4-weeks you’ll be sporting an entirely different body!

Peruse our meal plans below and pick the option that best mirrors your goal crushing desires.

*Once your meal plan has been purchased you will receive a client profile and questionnaire.  This questionnaire must be filled out and returned before your meal plan can be designed.  Meal plan design generally takes about 2-3 days once your questionnaire has been received.  For email clients, ongoing meal plan questions after your plan is received will be answered within 24 hours of receipt. 

The Athlete's Advantage

Choosing foods that fuel your performance, increase your energy, promote muscle growth and assist in muscle recovery, are staples in the athletes diet. This plan will take into consideration the athletes pre and post workout nutritional requirements and include nutrient-packed, plant-based meals as well as plenty of meat for the carnivore.  If you want to step up your game and carve out your core at the same time, this meal plan is for you!

Meal Plan + Email Support: $79

(Expires 4-weeks from the date your meal plan is delivered to your inbox.)


Vivacious Vegetarian

Save an animal and eat a plant on the Vivacious Vegetarian meal plan.  You won’t find beef, fish, chicken, pork or even shellfish on a vegetarian’s plate so you won’t find those animals in this meal plan either.  You will however be able to pump up your protein options with foods like eggs, dairy products, beans and rice as well as plant based sources of protein such as soy and pea protein.

Meal Plan + Email Support: $79

(Expires 4-weeks from the date your meal plan is delivered to your inbox.)

Beachology Body

Getting into shape to strut your stuff on the beach is a serious study!  You’re going to strip away the fat and reveal some sexy muscle by consuming foods that encourage your body to burn fat for fuel.  This meal plan is a wee bit strict compared to other plans because after all, you’re stripping down to the bare essentials.  Foods that cause bloating or water retention will be excluded.  Following this plan requires dedication, commitment and some sacrifice.  If you have your mind set on getting lean and ripped and graduating to a Beachology Body, this is the course for you!

 Meal Plan + Email Support: $79

(Expires 4-weeks from the date your meal plan is delivered to your inbox.)

The Freebird

If you have specific dietary restrictions that require a meal plan be gluten-free, lactose-free, nut-free, sugar-free, animal-free, taste-free or simply free of any foods that your doctor has suggested you steer clear of, this plan would be your best option.  The Freebird will be customized to suit your needs while still giving you the wings to fly.

Meal Plan + Email Support: $79

(Expires 4-weeks from the date your meal plan is delivered to your inbox.)

Meltdown the Pounds

Meltdown the Pounds is not a brief interlude with carrot sticks and celery or a quick fix formula to get skinny overnight.  Losing weight is a process and a journey to a new you.  Shedding fat is like an intimate relationship between your body, your mind and your food.  Melting down the pounds to reveal a healthier you takes a balanced and focused approach that includes meal planning and mind setting combined.  If you believe it, you can achieve it on this plan!

 Meal Plan + Email Support: $79

(Expires 4-weeks from the date your meal plan is delivered to your inbox.)

                                                Rad Reasons to Pull the Trigger on One of My Meal Plans

  • Combining proper nutrition with exercise is 400% more effective than exercise alone at taking off and keeping off unwanted pounds!
  • You’ll get a rock solid foundation that includes balance, calorie control, moderation, variety and adequacy.
  • You’ll get a roadmap, not a rulebook.
  • You’ll get a complete solution that you can apply as a lifestyle change, not a fad diet.
  • You will change your relationship with food and learn how to enjoy cheat meals without the guilt.
  • You’ll improve your performance and your recovery time after an intense workout.
  • You’ll lose fat and preserve muscle tissue and get sexys hell in the process!
  • Your custom meal plan isn’t cookie cutter, it will include the foods that you like and exclude the foods you don’t like.
  • You’ll develop a new skill set that will have you meal prepping like a  apro.
  • You have the option of obtaining unlimited email support with Coach Cathy when you upgrade your meal plan.

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