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6 weeks of On-Site Semi-Private Training. Membership to Power of Fitness Required.


$ 298 6 weeks
  • 6 Weeks
  • 18 Weight Training Sessions
  • 18 Cardio Crushing Assignments
  • Online Meal Prep Guidance with Meal Plan Purchase
  • FREE E-Book


$ 298 6 weeks
  • 6 Weeks
  • 18 Weight Training Sessions
  • 18 Cardio Crushing Assignments
  • Online Meal Plan Purchase
  • FREE E-Book

Online Coaching

$ 399 / 8 week program
  • 8 Weeks
  • 24 Weight Training Assignments
  • 24 Cardio Crushing Assignments
  • 8 Week Meal Plan Optional Purchase
  • FREE E-Book
  • Weekly Bi-Weekly Phone and Email Support

Kind words from my lovely clients:

“In January of 2015 I decided to take my health and fitness to the next level.   I was introduced to Cathy and began training with her at Balanced Training Boot Camp and also started hitting the road with the lululemon run club at the same time.  My fitness level, running strength and overall stamina greatly improved within the first few weeks of training.  It’s been two years now since I first started training with Cathy and the run club and I can honestly say that I am a better, stronger and happier athlete than I thought I could ever be.”

Ken Huff

 "It is obvious to me that she spends countless hours creating fitness and training programs that ensure that her clients have an exceptional and effective work out.   It’s not about “just losing weight” with Cathy; it is about strength and stamina and balance.  And if you lose pounds along the way, well, that’s just an awesome bonus. Cathy is an inspiration and a positive motivator.  Without being bossy or overbearing, Cathy inspires us to be healthy and strong and to love the body we were born with by treating it with respect."

— Lisa Scheinwald


"To say Cathy is a miracle worker might be overstating the truth but just barely.  I first met Cathy and took my first class with her shortly after giving birth to twins.  I was depressingly convinced that my pre-babies body was gone forever.  I barely made it through the first class but I loved everything about the class and Cathy.  She was encouraging without being aggressive and supportive without being demanding.  Her positive attitude combined with her incredibly successful methods and regimens changed me and my body forever."

— Nina Beck

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Kim Kardashian booty or legs like Tina Turner?

Simply put, you would have to have their complete DNA profile and actually be them!  Listen, everyone is different, no two people are the same and what works for one person may not work for another.  You should never expect to “look like” or “get” the same exact shape as someone else that you admire.  While it is admirable and very normal to want what someone else has, it isn’t realistic and it’s never going to happen.  All you can ever be is the best version of you.  You can change and you will change as long as you stay committed to the program and trust the process.  As your fitness and health coach I will design a customized program based on your personal client profile and give you all the tools necessary to crush your goals.

How does the On-Line training program work?

Once you purchase one of my programs you will receive a Client Profile & Health Questionnaire to fill out and send back to me.  Once I receive your completed questionnaire, I will begin designing your customized program based on your goals.  Program design generally takes 2-3 days to complete once I receive your CPQ.  You will get a schedule of dates from me that will include days that you need to send a before photo and periodic progress photos along with email updates of your progress.  

Do I have to go to a gym for online training or can I exercise from home?

You can train wherever your heart desires! You can choose between a gym-based program and a home-based program.  If you go the home-based route, I will work with you to ensure that you have all of tools necessary to crush your goals.  I will recommend a few pieces of equipment to use, in addition, I can also design your program around the equipment that you already have at home.

What if I’m not seeing results while following one of your programs?

The whole reason you are working with me is so that I can keep you on point and moving forward in the direction.  I will be communicating with you either in person, if you train with me locally, or online via email or over the telephone if you are training with me online.  I will know if you are not progressing and if you’re not, adjustments will be made to either your workout plan or your meal plan or both.  Online clients must send in periodic progress photo updates along with scale weight so I will be able to see what’s happening to your physique.  Local clients see me on a daily basis and must also report their weight on a weekly basis.  

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